Introduction to RCS

Reformers Sports and Community Services (RSCS) was founded in November 2015. The CBO was formed to empower the youth from the larger Kayole area using football as the main tool for development, under the stature Sports for Development.

Motivation behind the formation of Reformers sports and community services was the realization that Kayole has been plagued with a high crime rate. The youth mainly at risk of engaging in crime, prostitution, drug and substance abuse and in some instances radicalization into terrorism and organized criminal networks. This resulted in Kayole community as a whole losing a lot of young men and women to crime, drugs and sexual related infections. These youths given the right kind of guidance, support and opportunity, would have blossomed to their full potential as talented footballers and/or learned young productive Kenyan citizens. These losses were unacceptable and something had to be done.

In addition the increase in the number of street children in Kayole was also part of the motivation. The numbers attributed to lack of financial capability to put the kids through school, domestic violence at home making the kids run from home and peer pressure also had a role in it. 

The street children are reformed through the junior team, taken through motivational talks and fellowships and with time try to connect them back to their families and with the help of well wishers get them back to school.