The Komarock/Kayole and neighboring surrounding are densely populated and the majority of the people are so poor that they have little or nothing to eat. Most live in homes surrounded by uncollected garbage and human waste and blocked drains are a common problem. 

All this contributes to the spread of chronic diseases such as malaria, cholera, tuberculosis (TB) and dysentery which are major causes of disability and even death. In addition to playing matches among other activities, the RSCS members undertake garbage cleanup and tree planting projects. Teams earn six league points for each completed project and an individual member earns two points. 

Goal To improve the lives of RSCS and other community members by cleaning our environment and building on RSCS’s success of linking the cleanups with team and individual performances

Objective 1 
-To make sure that the community living in Kayole/Komarock and neighbouring slums are aware of the importance of environmental conservation.
-Create regular awareness campaigns on environmental conservation and related health issues in the community.  
-Training and engaging young environmentalist from our membership on issues regarding environment. 

Objective 2 
-To collect garbage in order to reduce disease and deaths in the slums 
-Mobilize and organise weekly community service clean-ups in our neighbourhood. 
-Transport garbage from the slum to an authorized disposal site 

Objective 3 
-To increase the number of young environmentalists in the community by organising regular training
-Organise regular workshops and training for community youth on environmental conservation 

Objective 4 
-To contribute toward fighting climate change due to global warming
-Plant trees monthly in schools, forests and community fields in Kayole/Komarock and neighbouring areas. 
-Start our own trees nursery.