The Education project is designed to encourage and support our out of school reformed youths vulnerable, orphans and the voiceless who were once lost in drugs, crimes amongst other negative vices to go to school and also youths/kids from very needy background to go and acquire valuable skills. Up to date, over 400 members have been enrolled back to schools.

As we look into the future, our Education project strive to instil life skills to our reformed youths and members as well as facilitate for them to acquire skills such as Tailoring, Carpentry, Electrical, Refereeing and Coaching. 

Goal To have Education funds and Scholarships for helping keep more youth in school 

Objective 1
-To create and implement a plan to support the project and create partnerships with local and international teams, schools, colleges and other institutions 
-Set up exchange programmes with other learning institutions 
-Enhance our fundraising to get more monies for education. 
-Increase the number of annual beneficiaries 
-Make frequent follow-up visits to the beneficiaries in their schools 
-Organise regular meetings at least one every 6 months with these institutions and other partners 

Objective 2 
-To train more youth on Life skills (a) Select and train youth on refereeing 
-Select and train youth on coaching 
-Select and train youths on tailoring 
-Select and train youth on Electricals 
-Select and train youth on Carpentry. 

Objective 3 
-To produce effective and efficient administrators and leaders 
-Offer administration and leadership training twice a year to RSCS leaders 
-Recruit more female administrators and leaders