Special programs

Most families in the Komarock/Kayole are headed by single, hardworking mothers with no or little education, social support or income to support their families. As a result children and youth have to learn to be independent and cope with street life from a young age. 

A lot of them get into trouble with the law for vagrancy or petty crimes and find themselves always on the run. After reforming, RSCS supports these youth through the provision of meals on a monthly basis, medical care & other welfare issues and simple motherly attention. 

Goal To provide opportunity for support, bonding, growth and development of reformed youth and members 

Objective 1 
-To supplement meals for reformed youth and members a) Mobilization of resources to support our feeding program 
-Provide meals to reformed youth and members on monthly basis 
-Provide clothing to reformed youth and members 
-Partnership with likeminded friends and well-wishers to support our feeding program. 

Objective 2 
-To improve access to basic medical services and welfare issues for reformed youth and members
-Supply medicines, disinfectants and sanitary towels to reformed members on a monthly basis
-Encourage and facilitate members to undergo Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)
-Assistance in case of Sickness, loss of a family member and other accidents