Sports and especially football has been our main tool to reform, change and transform the youths through their love and engagement to football and other sports related activities. Today, RSCS boasts of teams which includes reformed youths in different age groups and football leagues. 

The way that the RSCS model works is that, by participating in the organization’s Sports activities provides a strong incentive for taking part in new activities and gaining skills and education that will open up new opportunities for them in later life.

Goal; To reform the youth from drug addiction, alcoholism, crime and commercial sex 

Objective 1 
-To have participation of reformed youths in sports 
-Promote different sports that appeal more 
-Assess the issues being tackled through RSCS’s activities  
-Explore quality and safety of members participation 

Objective 2 
-To create more exposure for our players through annual local and international youth exchange programmes and tournaments  
-Participate in Football Kenya Federation leagues 
-Participate in local and international tournaments 
-Organize sports activities 
-Organize annual RSCS open day